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brown trout

fat trout

Some nice trout about. Great way to start the 2017/18 season.
spawn run brownie Late season Kelly Smith with some nice late season Brownies.
Fly Casting Dr Tonks and the team at Canberra Plastic Surgery having some fly casting fun.
Nice Rainbow There's been a few nice Rainbow trout about too. 27/3/17
top brown trout Some excellent fish on dry flies so far this season.

fine Brown Trout

good trout


Tom Brannan enjoying a couple of nice early season Brown Trout on dry flies while on holiday from London. 8/10/2016


brown troutspawn run brown trout

Wade having some fun on the run!

trout thredbotrout


Darren H. with a couple of Snowy Mountain Brown Trout. 12/15


brown trout dry fly catch and release

Graham Steele with a beautiful brown caught with the "One Gun Man" bamboo rod. The catch and release. 12/15

nice rainbow trout dry fly fishing in the snowies

Garry enjoying dry fly fishing in the Snowies 11/15.
dry fly trout The fishing's been great just about everywhere so far this season. Nice Brownie 13/10/15

fly fishing dryfly

There have been some nice ones this season.

brown trout trout

James having plenty of fun in the mountains. (January 2015)

Miri & Brown trouttrout

Miri Robinson with a fine Brown trout on the dry fly and a pretty fish on. (07/11/14)

dry fly fishingbig trout

Season 2014/2015 opens with a nice trout on the dry for me and an especially good one for Kel Macnab.

wowie big brown Alex Wyatt with a cracking late season brown. 22/05/2014
trout Some Australia Day weekend fun with a top brownie on a dry fly for Greg
Big Brown Trout Nice trout! Local Monaro High school teacher Troy Macnab with a fine brown trout on the dry fly.
monaro brown trout dry fly on the monaro Michael and Sue enjoyed themselves fly fishing in the region while visiting from Albury.
Early Season Dry Fly good browntrout The region has seen some excellent dry fly fishing for Brown Trout 19/10/2013


Some cool late season action for Andrew & Jim down from Queensland.

trout on fly stream trout

Richard and Barry with some recent captures in the Snowies. 1/4/2013
snowys trout Snowies trout There's been some great fish on dries in the lead up to Christmas
Paul Bourne Enjoying a day off. 9/12/12
fly fishing in the snowies beautiful brown trout Andrew & Nick into a few in the Snowy mountains
big brown trout Big dry fly and a big brown. 24/11/12
richard brown trout nice brown trout A nice brown trout for Richard Steiner.
Monaro fly fishing Monaro Brown trout Tim into a nice Brown Trout.

Glo bug brown trout Eucumbene river Eucumbene river brown trout

Some nice trout to end the season for An Dinh on his visit from Utah.
fly fishing the Snowys fly fishing rivers Wayne and Nat Shattock with their first trout on fly during their recent visit from Adelaide.
Spotted brown trout Nice fish (18/03/12) in the Snowies

dry fly rainbow trout

I recently enjoyed some wonderful early summer dry fly fishing in the snowy mountains.

fly fishing guidin wild trout

Prof. John Dart and his wife Alison enjoyed their encounters with some wild trout recently while visiting from London. 20/11/11

trout fly fish bamboo

Henry and Aleco with some beautiful brown trout on dry flies 26/11/11
Snowy Mountain Brown Trout Brown Trout on the dry fly Henry with a couple of nice Brown Trout. 11/11/11
Kosciuszko Brown trout Eucumbene River Rainbow trout Yoshi having plenty of fun in the Snowy Mountains. 4/11/11
Eucumbene River Rainbow trout Jindabyne Dam release Typical early season Rainbow on the Glo Bug and a major water release in the Snowy River !

Thredbo River trouttrout

Ian MacLachlan with a lively Thredbo River brown trout.
pretty brown trout Autumn brown trout There's some fantastic fly fishing to be had this season - some beautiful Autumn browns.
Snowy Mountain trout nice trout Phil and his father - Dr David David enjoying fly fishing the high country rivers.

fat brown trout fat brown trout

Visiting British fly fisher John Dumont enjoyed an encounter with a fat brownie.
loverly brownie The best rain for years has produced excellent fish.
Brown trouttrout The season continues to produce some great fly fishing.

Eucumbene River brown trout Eucumbene trout

David "Lumpy" Milson from From Queensland enjoyed his first encounter with trout in the Eucumbene River
Big Brown Trout Australia day Brownie from the Thredbo River
hopper brown nice little brown trout Henry and Aleco getting some on hoppers.
brownie on the hopper nice rainbow trout Some recent fish on the hopper.
Thumping brown trout Troy Macnab with a thumping Snowies brown trout on his wonderful Taransky Bamboo fly rod.
The take Trout

The take and the fish! There's been some good fishing on the dry fly on the right water. 11/10


Kosciuszko Brown trout Mayfly

A nice brown trout from the Snowy Mountains - there's been some good mayfly hatches.

Eucumbene River trout Fly fishing the Eucumbene River

The Eucumbene river Eucumbene R. rainbow trout

Steve Halstead of Maryland U.S.A. enjoying fly fishing on the Eucumbene River.

Thredbo River Brown trout

James Smyth with a well conditioned Thredbo River brown trout

Near Adaminaby Guided fly fishing

Trout rivers Kosciuszko Trout

Some fish on the hopper for Graham Steele including a secret rainbow

Snowy Mountain Trout

Rainbow trour

Frank enjoying some alpine streams

Big brown trout high country trout

A couple of nice browns from the back country
koscuiszko brown Nice brown trout from up Kosciuszko way.

hopper sight fishing to wild brown trout

hopper caught brown trout hopper time

Wild Mountain Meadow

It looks like being a great hopper season again. Here are some pics from late December 2009

Wild Brown Trout learn to flyfish

golden brown trout

Some pics of local budding flyfisher Michael Shanahan
Early Season Rainbow Trout Early and late season sees good sized fish run up the rivers from the Snowy hydro lakes after a "fresh".

Alan Meyburgh, staff writer for South Africa's Complete Fly Fisherman Magazine, was a recent visitor. He sampled a variety of our streams, catching plenty of browns and rainbows.
A lovely brown caught and released in a small high country stream.
A nice rainbow from Kosciuszko National Park.
Fly fishing Snowy mountains
Autumn 08 rainbow from the mountains.
Catch and Release
Autumn 08 brown being released.

Snowy Mountains Rainbow

Paul Bourne hopper and jack brown

Put yourself in this picture

Four pound jack brown

Top to bottom:

1. Fat Rainbow

2. Hen Brown

3. Jack with Hopper

4. Jack Action:

5. 4 lb Jack

Wild mountain brown
Good rains in the mountains have the streams flowing well, and fish hungry for hoppers!
Expert guiding
Another happy customer bringing a wild brown to hand.
Dense spotted brown
A lovely high country fish.
Mountain Brown
Typical early season brown (October 2007) from the mountains.
The Baron at play
Haydn Jenkins with a wild small stream brown.
Fly fishing for anglers of all levels of experience
Trish Porter with her first trout on fly!
Late season 2007 spring creek
Pip Todd fishes a pool on a lovely Monaro spring creek.
Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - sight fishing to wild brown trout
Sight fishing for wild browns like this is the pinnacle of our sport.
Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - Miri Robinson fishing a spring creek
Miri Robinson fishes a run on a local spring creek.

Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - Paul Bourne with brown

Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - fat brown

Despite dry conditions in the region, early 2007 has seen some fantastic hopper fishing to browns in wonderful condition.
Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - early season
Martin Brennan from North Queensland with one of several rainbows he landed on his trip down to the Snowies.
Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - early season
Martin with a brown trout.
Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - early season brown
Guides day off! A nice brown from the high country.
Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - early season
Miri Robinson with a early season rainbow.
Snowy Monaro Fly Fishing - early season rainbow
Typical rainbow from the mountains.